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‘Making WAVES in Colorado’ brings Ocean Awareness to the Rockies

November 13, 2011

On Sunday, The Colorado Ocean Coalition celebrated their first anniversary with an impressive lineup of ocean luminaries in a groundbreaking day-long ocean symposium.  ‘Making Waves in Colorado’ focused on how the Rocky Mountains, the ocean and all of us are inseparably linked.  Dr. Earle made it clear, “Even if you never touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take.”

Until now, there has never been a unified voice for ocean protection in the Mountain States. The mission of the Colorado Ocean Coalition is to create a strong network made up of ocean enthusiasts. They are engaging scientists, activists, businesses and ocean supporters to address current threats to the ocean, which include overfishing, plastics pollution, ocean acidification, and a lack of marine protected areas. …

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Sylvia Earle: The Planet Is ‘In Serious Trouble’

In this video from CNN, Dr. Sylvia Earle recounts highlights from her history in oceanography. She talks about the 1969 program that was simultaneously working to put women under the sea while also putting men on the moon.
Earle stresses the importance of protecting our oceans, saying that we need to “try to inspire an awareness of what the problems are, and to inspire those who have the capacity to solve problems to do just that.” She tells CNN that these next ten years may be the most important out of the next 10,000 “to secure for us an enduring future on this little blue planet that is already in serious trouble.”

Click here to read the full article in the Huffington Post…

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Who is Mission Blue?

Mission Blue operates as an innovative, multi-year global alliance with multi-sector participation. Players from government, for-profit, media, education, conservation and other sectors coalesce on an ongoing basis with the goal of building collaborations and taking actions to increase global awareness about the urgent ocean crisis and reverse the decline of the ocean’s health….
Mission Blue is looking to accelerate the sharing of new ideas and knowledge, implement working solutions, and develop relationships—like those highlighted in the interview with Lorenzo—before time runs out….
Lorenzo Rosenzweig talks about the changing nature of collaboration in marine conservation and how FMCN and MAR Leadership are playing their part.

Find out more about what FMCN is doing to contribute to Marine Conservation at and…

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Mission Blue Voyage

This conference-at-sea, the first of its kind,  was conceived by Dr. Sylvia Earle to bring together 100 global leaders—scientists, businessmen and women, policymakers, communicators and others—for several days of deliberation about the intertwined future of the ocean and humankind.  Traveling among the spectacular Galápagos Islands aboard the National Geographic Endeavour, the participants are focused on fulfilling the wish Sylvia outlined in her TED Prize acceptance speech in 2009:
“I wish you would use all means at your disposal – films! expeditions! the web! more! – to ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas, hope spots large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet.”

Mission Blue Voyage Update 

Sea Lion foraging

Cormorants nesting with eggs

The Galápagos Islands are unlike any other place on Earth—and our first day amply demonstrated this, as voyage participants branched out by land and sea. …

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