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Sylvia Earle’s clear message: Act now to save our oceans

Courtesy of Oceans Inc.
June 21, 2012

Speaking at a roundtable with world governments in the Rio+20 process, world renowned oceanographer Sylvia Earle urged world leaders to act now to save our oceans.

“I was here 20 years ago, we all hope to be here in 20 years. This is an historical occasion. Will we look back and lament on what we didn’t do?”

“For the first time we are empowered with knowledge we didn’t have 20,50 or 1000 years ago. This could be a true turning point, whether we act on that knowledge or neglect to take action. Technology and science make it clear our planet is not too big to fail. There are limits to our life support system.…

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TheBlu is Alive!

Last Friday, Dr. Sylvia Earle teamed up with other ocean conservation pioneers at NASDAQ MarketSite’s Drum Area in Times Square to launch theBlu – a “socially-connected, globally interactive app” that lets you connect with and explore the ocean and support its conservation. Alongside Avatar’s Academy Award-winning illustrator and theBlu core team member Andy Jones, and The Cove director and theBlu co-advisor Louis Psihoyos, Dr. Earle emphasized the importance of everyone – especially young people – doing their part to protect the oceans.


It’s easy and fun to use theBlu to encounter and collect colorful virtual fish species for a customized experience, explore diverse habitats, and even send sea life swimming to friends across the internet! Just download the free version from theBlu.comand…

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High Tide comes to Times Square on May 4th

Friday, May 4, 2012
5pm to 11pm EST
Times Square at 43rd Street, New York CityJoin Dr. Sylvia Earle, the Ocean Elders and friends in Times Square when high tide comes to Manhattan with the launch of theBlu! TheBlu is a global interactive screensaver that will make you feel (almost) as though you’re underwater sharing space with all manner of reef creatures. TheBlu is created by artists from across the world, and it’s mission is to create the ocean on the web so that it can be shared through the web. Seeing theBlu on the giant screens at Times Square first hand shouldn’t be missed if you’re in Manhattan!

Richly beautiful, engaging and yes, a little habit forming, theBlu gives a portion of it’s profits to conservation of the very ecosystems and creatures it represents.  …

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San Francisco
October 17, 2011

Global leaders in the arena of ocean conservation, oceanographic research, and environmental sustainability gathered today in San Francisco to celebrate the launch of the America’s Cup Healthy Ocean Project, the global initiative of the 34th America’s Cup to educate the world’s populations about the issues facing our oceans and inspire them to act.
Driven by its commitment to have the 34th America’s Cup be “more than a sport,” the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) has set an ambitious goal with the AC Healthy Ocean Project to develop the world’s largest communication outreach program focused on improving ocean health. To accomplish this goal, ACEA has partnered with some of the leading voices in the ocean conservation field, including Dr.…

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Ted Turner, bison, wolves & Ocean Elders

It was a wonderfully productive weekend with Ted Turner on his spectacularly unspoiled ranch in Montana. Ted has played a major role in saving bison from extinction and reintroducing wolves into North America.
Ted knows how to howl like a wolf and did so (under the full moon of course.) And the 22 wolves on Ted’s ranch howled back! 
Ted once won the America’s Cup and created CNN. He is now a champion for the environment and good causes. Ted, along with Sylvia Earle is also an Ocean Elder and we spent much of the weekend preparing for the first Ocean Elders meeting.
What should the priorities be? Stopping fishermen from dragging the bottom of our oceans? Creating marine parks over 20% of our oceans?…

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