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Mapping the World’s Sea Turtles

Thanks to the hard work of over 550 dedicated people around the world, the SWOT (State of the World’s Sea Turtles) database is now one of the most comprehensive global databases of sea turtle nesting sites available; and it’s just gone live on Google Earth.  Now you are able to view this extensive database on a Google Map, or you can download a KML file to see all of the data inside of the Google Earth platform. The interactive map is highly detailed and customizable, allowing you to filter by location, species, colony size and more.  The depth of data on the map is impressive, containing data from over 120 countries around the world. There’s even a place on the SWOT Website where you can participate by uploading information about your own turtle sightings.  …
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1000 Kids Pledge to Save Sharks in Hong Kong

July 9, 2011 The 1000 Kids, One Message! project brought together shark loving kids and a distinguished list of ocean heroes at the Cyberport in Hong Kong for a special pledge – “I am the future! I won’t eat shark fins!” It’s hoped that the children’s message from the hot zone of the shark fin trade will echo loud and clear through national and international media, as nation after nation bans the brutal and unsustainable practice of shark finning.  The underlying premise of the project is clear – children are the future. The Ocean Geographic Society is calling on kids around the world to step up as the next generation of young ambassadors for sharks.  Kids attending this event have been officially named Shark Ambassadors.…
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Gstaad, Switzerland Event Raises $1 Million for the Oceans

Representatives from the world’s leading environment and marine conservation NGO’s met last weekend in Gstaad (Switzerland) to share programmes, ideas and initiatives for protecting the world’s oceans. As part of an event co-hosted by the Bertarelli Foundation and the BLUE Marine Foundation, a group of marine biologists and international specialists evaluated the recent creation of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) in the Chagos Archipelago, the world’s largest marine reserve with an area of 500,000 square kilometers in the British Indian Ocean Territory. Ernesto Bertarelli The main theme of discussion between the experts was how to specifically manage the Chagos reserve, in particular how to get the most from this enormous no-fishing area for the Indian Ocean ecosystem. A number of questions were raised on how to make the Chagos MPA an international benchmark and case study to guide future actions towards the protection of the oceans, and how it could be replicated in the next few years to create other large Marine Protected Areas in some of the world’s most valuable marine ecosystems.…
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Sylvia Receives Life Time Achievement Award

By Sheila A. McKenna, SEAlliance Senior Research Scientist Sylvia Earle speaking after accepting her life time achievement award from NCSE, Washington DCPhoto: Jenifer Austin Our Changing Oceans, the 11th National Conference on Science, Policy and Environment, took place in Washington, DC from January 19-21, 2011. At the end of day two, Her Deepness, Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, was awarded the National Council for Science and the Environment Lifetime Achievement Award. After being befittingly introduced by ocean champion, Congressman Sam Farr, Dr. Earle took the stage wearing her signature light blue blazer and infectious smile to an enthusiastic standing ovation from the packed auditorium. Once on stage, Her Deepness cast her magic by opening with a seven-minute clip of the documentary/movie about her TED Wish and Mission Blue.…
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SEA-News: Google Ocean 2010 Highlights

by Charlotte Vick,SEAlliance Interactive Partnership Coordinator Google Ocean’s 2010 has been a year of outreach, new ideas and solidifying partnerships. We are very pleased that hundreds of new stories have been added to the Explore the Ocean layer in Google Earth this year. Through mid-December, we have now trained nearly 1,500 people to add stories to that layer. Our original posting partners continue to find time to volunteer their content and new contributors hold the promise of even more.  In addition to our continued recruitment and training via email, telephone and social media, we reached out through personal appearances at a wide variety of venues including educational institutions, dive shows, conferences, environmental and ocean meetings introducing audiences of all ages to the Ocean in Google Earth.…
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Sylvia Earle: The Planet Is ‘In Serious Trouble’

In this video from CNN, Dr. Sylvia Earle recounts highlights from her history in oceanography. She talks about the 1969 program that was simultaneously working to put women under the sea while also putting men on the moon. Earle stresses the importance of protecting our oceans, saying that we need to “try to inspire an awareness of what the problems are, and to inspire those who have the capacity to solve problems to do just that.” She tells CNN that these next ten years may be the most important out of the next 10,000 “to secure for us an enduring future on this little blue planet that is already in serious trouble.” Click here to read the full article in the Huffington Post…
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Chile Creates Large Marine Reserve at Sala y Gómez Island

Re-Posted From NATGEO News Watch & Oceana The Chilean government announced the creation of a large marine reserve around tiny and remote Sala y Gómez island in the Pacific ocean. The Waitt Foundation, Oceana, and National Geographic mounted a March 2010 expedition to document marine diversity in waters surrounding the island. The government’s move represents a more than 100-fold increase in the expanse of Chile’s marine protected areas.Sala y Gómez island. © OceanaClick here to read the full article on the NATGEO siteClick here to red the full article on the Oceana site…
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