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Mission Blue Salutes an Ocean Hero

Before Leonardo DiCaprio became an actor, he dreamt as a child of becoming a marine biologist. An avid SCUBA diver, DiCaprio’s passion for the ocean and the life in it has stayed strong during his spectacular rise to cinema glory. (One of his favorite dives was to the shark sanctuary in Cocos Island in the Eastern Pacific Seascape Hope Spot.) These days, DiCaprio is using his celebrity power and personal resources to not only raise awareness about ocean issues, but also to underwrite major marine conservation initiatives. In June 2014 at the US State Department’s Our Oceans conference, DiCaprio spoke genuinely about the need for intelligent and collaborative action to reverse ocean decline. Recognizing that talking alone isn’t enough, he pledged to donate $7,000,000 over 2 years to bolster action to save our seas.…
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A Time For Heroes

By Deb Castellana Last week, 400 participants from 80 different nations answered US Secretary of State John Kerry’s call to come together for his Our Ocean 2014 Conference in Washington, D.C.  Dr. Sylvia Earle has been honored to serve on the steering committee of Mr. Kerry’s Oceans Group, and her work over the past several years helped make the conference the success it was. Attending were heads of state, CEOs of large corporations like Bumblebee Tuna, NGOs, foreign ministers, scientists and celebrities. They gathered to collaborate on an action plan to insure that future generations will inherit a planet capable of sustaining human life. As Earle says: “No blue; no green. No ocean; no us.” In his opening keynote, Mr. Kerry called for the creation of a global ocean strategy.…
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Mission Blue Film Screens at ‘Our Ocean 2014’

Sheldon Whitehouse, the outspoken ‘blue’ senator from the Ocean State of Rhode Island kicked off the evening by introducing Bob Nixon and Fisher Stevens before the Mission Blue Screening at National Geographic HQ in Washington, D.C.  Netflix made it possible for delegates to have a rare opportunity to see the film before its formal release on August 15th.             Photographs (c) Deb Castellana …
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The Last Frontier: Antarctica’s Southern Ocean

Mention Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and images of remoteness, vast ice sheets, and large glaciers immediately come to mind. But despite the area’s harsh wind and severe cold, the Antarctic is bursting with marine life.
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