June 5, 2013

On World Oceans Day, The Online Ocean Symposium, in association with Mission Blue and other ocean organizations from around the world, will come together to discuss their work and the necessity to protect the precious heart of our blue world.

They will be holding a series of three hangouts on the air, each an hour long, each beginning at 12:00PM in a different time zone across the world. These hangouts will be streamed live in the assigned slots in their associated event pages and the Online Ocean Symposium’s G+ page.

Guests will include: Dr. Sylvia Earle, Celine Cousteau, One World One Ocean, The Sargasso Sea Alliance, Ocean Ark Alliance, Sharon Kwok, Richard Vevers of Catlin Seaview Survey/Underwater EarthThe Oceanic Preservation Society and many many more! 

Asia, Australia and Micronesia

The very first of the hangouts in the series, streaming live starting at 12:00PM Perth, Australia time. They will kick off World Oceans Day with a discussion on work being done in Asia, Micronesia and Australia. The work highlighted will range from the Amazing Archive from the Ocean Ark Alliance, the Coral triangle, The Underwater Imagery of Catlin Seaview Survey and Underwater Earth, and conservation work being done in Asia.
Event Page Here

The European/African/Ocean Connection

The second of the Google + hangouts will center on stories around the UK, Europe and the African area. Highlights include Celine Cousteau, the Seychelles, and the Sargasso Sea. Come check out the conversation between film makers, conservationists and legal experts working to protect and highlight the ocean.
Event Page Here

The Americas

The third and final hangout in the World Oceans Day series will be starting at 12:00 PM San Francisco time. This hangout will be highlighting the work of groups like the Mission Blue, The Oceanic Preservation Society, One World One Ocean, the Sea Turtle Restoration Project, and much much more. With live broadcasts from the Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and even Colorado.

Event Page Here

History of World Ocean’s Day

Originally proposed by the Canadian delegation to the RIO Earth Summit in 1992, World Oceans Day wasn’t officially recognized by the United Nations until 2008. This 5 year old day of appreciation and learning for our Ocean has become an internationally recognized and celebrated event, thanks to the fact that it has been coordinated by The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network.

The Online Ocean Symposium and Mission Blue would like to use this year’s World Oceans Day to highlight some of our favorite stories and work over the past year and to draw attention to Dr. Sylvia Earle’s international network of Ocean Hope Spots.

For those wishing to join in the discussion surrounding these hangouts and World Ocean Day, please feel free to ask questions on the event pages linked above, email OOS at info@onlineoceansymposium.org, or use the hashtag #worldoceanday on Google Plus or Twitter. 

You can learn more about World Oceans Day by visiting their official website

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