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Our Mission

“Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.”

"Researchers have studied and measured microplastics in a variety of environments, but Nick Engdahl, an assistant p… https://t.co/hAAukAKd4s
“We are honored to declare Guanahacabibes National Park – Maria La Gorda a Hope Spot in recognition of the conserva… https://t.co/ISDfJL0Q4S
Coral nurseries are helping to restore staghorn coral in the Florida Keys, part of the Coastal Southeast Florida Ho… https://t.co/YrJGo3f5Kh
RT @SylviaEarle: The next 10 years will be the most important in the next 10,000 years in terms of shaping a future where humans can have a…
Sperm whales have been spotted in the Arctic, which is a sign of a changing ecosystem. https://t.co/wRSmRtCbcw… https://t.co/LS0bDpGbBk
We're eternally grateful for everyone who has helped drive marine conservation forward. Thank you for everything yo… https://t.co/EWNmLhqU6H
Is it time to reconsider what we know about how fish feel? 🐟🐠🐡https://t.co/78h0RgtO1j #NoBlueNoGreen via @guardianhttps://t.co/zR5S9spWZt
The Tavarua Island Hope Spot hosts more than one third of the world's coral species as well as one third of the Ind… https://t.co/JjLNTDvMHn
The Myeik Archipelago Hope Spot Champions, @FaunaFloraInt, completed a survey this year & observed 288 hard coral s… https://t.co/PZopCRYkvO
Every square mile of ocean that gains protection is the work of many organizations, governments, and passionate ind… https://t.co/7AN6L0Lkyi

Hope Spots

Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Some Hope Spots are already formally protected, while others still need defined protection. Under Dr. Earle’s leadership, the Mission Blue team has embarked on a series of expeditions to shed light on these vital ecosystems and ignite support to safeguard them as marine protected areas.


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