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Our Mission

“Mission Blue inspires action to explore and protect the ocean.”

RT @pewenvironment: “The evidence there—our challenge, our job, our role perhaps—is clearly showing the cause and effect and clearly showin…
As the #Arctic Ocean's ice dwindles, plankton may have a new travel path to get from the Pacific to the Atlantic Oc… https://t.co/OoZjWlw4Qx
This year the Bering Sea skipped over spring and went straight to summer. "...sea-ice coverage as of late April was… https://t.co/K4eleWdeHi
Since our world depends on healthy oceans, we need the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary. With the value of MAPS now be… https://t.co/xvipf6ZwKC
Record levels of microplastics have been found trapped inside sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. And as the sea ice melts… https://t.co/PfFnTkFjyk
In 2015, over 60 marine biologists, artists, filmmakers, and photographers spent two and a half weeks in the Arctic… https://t.co/UVXRzKjEbt
In the #Arctic, algae can photosynthesize with much less light than previously thought. https://t.co/0rLbKmPERY https://t.co/LhEeejDEyO
The Arctic experienced record high temperatures earlier this year, despite the fact that it was winter, a time when… https://t.co/L5DEW86gnW
Oil-eating microbes, used to lessen the environmental impact of oil spills, face challenges breaking down oil in Ar… https://t.co/Bgi5xlSMS4
RT @PolarBears: “The Barents Sea is loosing #seaice faster than anywhere else in Arctic. This is a unique moment in time to experience *thi…

Hope Spots

Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Some Hope Spots are already formally protected, while others still need defined protection. Under Dr. Earle’s leadership, the Mission Blue team has embarked on a series of expeditions to shed light on these vital ecosystems and ignite support to safeguard them as marine protected areas.


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