August 27, 2014


We’re tremendously excited to announce that the Mission Blue Film is live on Netflix! While Dr. Earle has been spreading her message of hope for years, we believe that in the coming days this message — our Mission Blue — is going to leap to the next level of awareness in the global public consciousness.

With the documentary, directed by Bob Nixon and Fisher Stevens, available in 40+ countries, we anticipate that Dr. Earle’s simple message of ocean conservation, of respect for our planet and what sustains us, will reverberate through the homes and hearts of Netflix’s global audience. We hope that a public awakening to the dire state of our ocean — and what we can do to save it — will propel personal decisions and public policy that favors the future of our ocean and ourselves.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s her natural charisma and infectious enthusiasm that are most compelling on screen. As the foremost American women oceanographer, she became a standard-bearer among female field-research scientists, while also marrying and raising a family, long before the term “supermom” ever entered the lexicon.” 

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The Mission Blue Film offers a 360-view not only of what’s happened to our oceans over the last decades, but also of Dr. Sylvia Earle’s quest to raise awareness in the global public about ocean decline. As we all know, it’s not Dr. Earle’s style to leave her supporters despondent and hopeless about the future of the ocean. Indeed, the film reaffirms the straightforward approach of creating a global network of marine parks — Hope Spots! — large enough to save the ocean, Earth’s blue heart.

So get to a television or computer today, tune in to Netflix and watch the Mission Blue Film! Afterwards, make sure to engage us on social media using the hashtag #missionblue or on our website and let us know what you think. If, after seeing the film, you’d like to join the Mission Blue movement,  join us here



7 thoughts on “Mission Blue Film Goes Global on Netflix

  1. A Standing ovation to Dr. Earle & NetFlix for bringing us this message of alarm and hope. I just watched this amazing film.

    My heart would sink every time I read about the sea creatures washing up dead on the shores. But didn’t know what was going on. Nothing good that much I knew.

    I am going to tell everyone I know what is “on the horizon” and how we can help together.
    Peace & Blessings,

  2. Thank God for Sylvia Earle… This extraordinary woman scientist is brilliant and I’m excited to know Netflix is part of this project allowing us viewers to get the vital information of what’s really happening in our ocean world …Mission Blue is a must see and will leave you feeling like you must tell everybody to watch this documentary, to get involved, and do the right thing. Sylvia because of you there is Hope for the future! Netflix you are awesome!

  3. When I first moved to Clearwater beach I walked out to the water and said a prayer which goes like this…This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen God, this is just a small example of how you are powerful you really are!!! So beautiful as I had never seen it before!!! Thank You for educating us and devoting your efforts in helping us understand what we are doing to mother earth!! God Bless You!!!

  4. So inspiring and terrifying at the same time. I knew we were messing things up but this was so informative and brought into perspective from then and now, it’s so alarming! Thank you! Thank you, for raising my awareness. Spreading the word!

  5. I just finished watching the movie on Netflix Canada – it was shocking, almost terrifying – but also very inspiring. I’ll be recommending the movie to my Facebook Friends in hopes of garnering more support for MissionBlue and Hope Spots.

    Thank you for your efforts on behalf of us all.

    – Leona Lalonde
    Vancouver Island, BC

  6. I loved so much this film. Seeing all the beauty of our oceans and the threats they are facing, made me feel worried about their future. It is so important to take actions for the protection of them and of all the species that inhabit in them. Thank you so much for what you’ve done and continue doing. I think everyone should do something to help make the difference. We, all together, can contribute to make of our oceans a better place.


  7. Thank you for the production of this Film…And what our beautiful Blue Ocean means to each and every one of us… I am going to forward this information to my friends~

    Joy Pierce

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