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1000 Kids Pledge to Save Sharks in Hong Kong

July 9, 2011

The 1000 Kids, One Message! project brought together shark loving kids and a distinguished list of ocean heroes at the Cyberport in Hong Kong for a special pledge –
“I am the future! I won’t eat shark fins!”
It’s hoped that the children’s message from the hot zone of the shark fin trade will echo loud and clear through national and international media, as nation after nation bans the brutal and unsustainable practice of shark finning. 
The underlying premise of the project is clear – children are the future. The Ocean Geographic Society is calling on kids around the world to step up as the next generation of young ambassadors for sharks.  Kids attending this event have been officially named Shark Ambassadors.…

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Oceans of Inspiration – Sylvia at Momentum 2011

Photo – Kip Evans

Sustainable Seas: The Vision, The Reality
On May 12th, Sylvia addressed a crowd of more than 500 at Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis as the final speaker in the Institute on the Environment’s groundbreaking Momentum 2011 event series. To say that her talk was inspirational would be an understatement. With lyrical words and stunning underwater images,  Sylvia took us on an expedition from the deepest ocean to our neighboring planets, bringing into sharp focus what the  future may hold. She conveyed not only her passion for what she calls “the blue heart of the planet,” but also her conviction that we must – and can – still rescue it from the overfishing, climate change and other onslaughts it faces today.…

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Dr. Earle Inspires Smith College Graduates

Dr. Earle was presented with yet another Honorary Doctorate of Science before delivering a moving commencement speech to the 133rd graduating class at Smith College.
“You have managed, somehow,” she said, “to come along at what may be the most important time in all of history — if what you have in mind is making a difference for the future of the world.” A self-professed ‘hope-a-holic’, Sylvia took those present on a magic carpet ride filled with hope, while at the same time painting a clear picture of the state of our troubled ocean planet, as only she can.
“And you, lucky you, are here to fly the aircraft, write the songs, dive the subs, find the cures, run the companies, lead this country, lead this world to a better, more prosperous future for all of life on earth — ourselves, very much included.…

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‘No Blue, No Green,’ Cookies To Save the Ocean

Kern & Tessie package ‘No Blue, No Green’ cookies

“No Blue, No Green.” The words jumped out at 10-year old future marine biologist, Kern Adegeest as he watched Sylvia’s ‘Ted Wish’ talk. The Toronto resident was inspired by her dedication and love of the ocean and he felt he had to do something. “I decided to stop eating fish, like Sylvia Earle. I want to grow up and study them,” he said.

But that was just the beginning. “I just love all underwater creatures,” he said, “and there are a lot of actions being done to help animals and habitats on land, but not as many for the ocean.” So it’s natural that he’s eager to raise money for marine reserves, safe havens in the ocean where all marine creatures have the opportunity to live without harassment and
replenish themselves.…

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The Long and the Short of Ocean Conservation

May 5, 2011
WildAid’s Gala celebration last week in San Francisco was a rousing success for wildlife and for the ocean. WildAid’s mission is to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes by reducing demand through public awareness campaigns and providing comprehensive marine protection.
Honorees were NBA All Star and WildAid Ambassador, Yao Ming, Julie Packard, Co-founder & Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Addison Fischer, Founder and President of Planet Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Towering above Sylvia Earle at 7’6”, the tallest NBA player in the country, Yao Ming has made an important contribution by taking part in an aggressive campaign in China and elsewhere.  His work includes billboards and a moving public service announcement calling for an end to killing sharks for shark fin soup.…

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Sylvia Earle Sculpture at Google HQ

Sylvia Earle

Google is showcasing some incredible sculptures of oceanographers, marine photographers and famous divers to commemorate the successful launch of the new Google Ocean. The art is in one of the main courtyards open for the public to visit. The courtyard is located at 1600 Amphitheater Way, Mountain View. 

Jacques Cousteau

The sculptures were carved by “Viktor,” who has captured all the individuals who  received the famous Legends of The Sea Award. The massive stone carvings were unveiled in August of 2009. 

Some of the people represented are Stan Waterman – underwater film photographer, Jacques Cousteau –  ocean environmentalist & educator,  and Dr. Sylvia Earle – National Geographic Explorer. There are also carvings of Ron and Valerie Taylor – shark experts and film makers and Zale Parry – an underwater photographer and actress.…

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Ted Danson Talks Ocean Conservation

by Brian Clark HowardPublished on March 21st, 2011

Affable, funny and extremely knowledgeable about ocean science, Danson makes a compelling spokesperson for ocean conservation. Photo: Gloria Dawson

In pre-interviews for last April’s Heart of Green Awards, Ted Danson joked with the staff of The Daily Green that he wanted to call his upcoming book Danson on Water. Well, the book has just arrived, though the final title isOceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them.
Produced in association with the nonprofit advocacy group Oceana, the book is stunning, filled with spectacular color photos, wonderful illustrations, heartwarming vignettes and lots of celebrity and expert testimonies from the likes of Sylvia Earle, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Philippe Cousteau, Jr. and Spanish sea captains.…

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