How to Build a Hope Spot

Six steps to take you from ‘Wish’ to ‘Act’ to ‘Protect


1. Identifying the area – what do you want to protect?

What is it that you value in your ocean area, where is it, how important is it to do something to protect it, and what area of your local ocean is needed to achieve this?

2. Engaging people – who is it critical to speak to?

To protect what you care about, who do you need to involve, who do you need to rally to your cause, and who should you discuss this with to build the best, most solid case for action?

3. Making the case – what should the proposal contain?

What are the issues that need to be tackled, what is the gap between what is happening and what needs to happen, what are the priorities for action, what will this cost, what are the best solutions to achieve this and who should take the lead to turn such words into deed?

4. Engaging policy – how to get administrations on board?

Who are the authorities that need to support or hear your case, who are the people who have the influence in or on the authorities, who are the people to connect with them, what are the opportunities for them to hear and act on your needs for ocean protection?

5. Securing funding – how to achieve sustainable financing?

What are the options to get sustainable financial support, who needs to be involved in those discussions, how can money be effectively held and managed to deliver the conservation outcomes sought?

6. Implementing the management plan – taking sustained action?

Who will make sure management actions are undertaken, how will they be monitored, and what will be done to revise and improve the management plan in light of new developments in the hope spot or feedback from monitoring results?

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