March 23, 2014


What better way to raise awareness about the state of our oceans than putting it on the silver screen? And, no less, under the direction of Academy Award winning Fisher Stevens (of The Cove fame) and Bob Nixon (Academy Award nominee and MB Board Member). The film is on the festival circuit and, as it happens, is being shown today at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC.

The film Mission Blue — shot during a 3-year period around the world — traces Sylvia Earle’s remarkable personal journey, from her earliest memories exploring the ocean to her rise to prominence as the world’s leading oceanographer. Spectacular underwater video reveals the breathtaking vibrancy of marine life as well as manmade devastation of these pristine environments. Nevertheless, Sylvia has a plan. That’s her Mission Blue.

“It’s her natural charisma and infectious enthusiasm that are most compelling onscreen. As one of the first and foremost American women oceanographers, she became a standard-bearer among female field-research scientists, while also marrying and raising a family, long before the term “supermom” ever entered the lexicon.” 
  ~ The Hollywood Reporter

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You guys rock! I’d like to support Mission Blue.

Raising Hope Spot awareness in Costa Rica

We are making sure that Hope Spots are on the map and in the minds of the scientists, policy makers and citizens around the world.

To that end, MarViva Foundation and Mission Blue launched a film expedition with Dr. Sylvia Earle to highlight our Central American Dome Hope Spot in January 2014.  Partners supporting the expedition were LightHawk, The Baum Foundation, Leatherback Trust, Bula Bula and National Geographic. The ecological and commercial value of the Dome’s resources were documented and global awareness and support was generated for the protection of its species and habitats.

The Central American Dome is also a site of global importance for one of the most iconic marine creatures, the critically endangered leatherback turtle. The Dome provides an important migration route and foraging area for adult turtles, as well as critical habitat for hatchlings leaving their nesting beaches in Central America. Leatherback populations in the Eastern Pacific were reduced by 90% over the past two decades, mainly due to unsustainable egg harvesting and fisheries by-catch.

For more information on Mission Blue expeditions, click here.


Google and Mission Blue Partnership Deepens

Through our Google partnership, we want to bring the ocean to life for internet users.

A week ago, Mission Blue and Google were very proud to launch a Beta version of the Mission Blue Explore the Ocean Community Map (pictured above). This content-rich map, allows you to connect directly with hundreds of ocean ecosystems and experience them first-hand, whether through video, photo or firsthand descriptions. We are very proud of this initiative and look forward to developing the platform further with beautiful ocean content. We would love for you to jump on and check it out! Click here.


Sylvia Speaks Out at the UN

We are taking our case to the UN.

In February, Dr. Sylvia Earle delivered a keynote at the United Nations Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals, along with fellow Benchley Award winner Dr. Jane Lubchenco. With a first premise that the ocean is essential for planetary survival, Dr. Earle contended that the bottom line is all of the world’s population must start to really care about the ocean. The goal, she urged, to become ocean stewards, protecting its vital role in sustaining life on Earth, while at the same time promoting ‘blue growth’ to achieve prosperous and resilient communities.

To see Sylvia’s speech at the UN, click here.

At the UN? Wow, great work. I’d like to support Mission Blue!

Real Progress for the Sargasso


This week in meetings in Hamilton, Bermuda five countries signed the “Hamilton Declaration for Collaboration for the Conservation of the Sargasso Sea.”  This will enable significant next steps.  A total of 11 countries and five secretariats of international organizations attended the meeting.  
Dr. Sylvia Earle was repeatedly recognized for her role as the progenitor whose TED Wish and TED cruise to the Galapagos launched the idea and alliance. The details, photos and a complete text for the declaration may be found in this news story from Bermuda and at the website for the Sargasso Sea Alliance.  

Sylvia and Submarines
Hangout on Google

Sylvia took us on a field trip to the facility where her team manufactures deep-sea exploration equipment for a wide range of amazing projects, DOER Marine. The session was produced in conjunction with Google Connected Classroom. Click on the thumbnail above to see the Google Hangout!

World Ocean Summit


Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue board members Shari Sant Plummer, Jenifer Austin, Bob Nixon, Gigi Brisson and our COO Laura Cassiani directly represented Mission Blue. The Mission Blue presence was everywhere with partners Google and National Geographic as major sponsors showcasing ocean in beautiful ways to coalition and alliance members from around the world. Click here to learn more about our involvement there.

At the summit, Secretary of State John Kerry hit the nail on the head when he remarked, “The good news is we know exactly what is threatening our oceans, and we have a very good understanding of what we need to do in order to deal with these threats. We don’t yet have the political consensus or the urgency translated into political action. And we know that there’s no way that governments are going to tackle this enormous challenge, frankly, without significant impetus from the private sector, the NGO community, academia, media, and others. So that’s why I’m – I was particularly excited to take part in this session today and to simply underscore to everybody that we need a far more robust international dialogue on protecting and governing our oceans.

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