August 28, 2014

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Today, National Geographic and La Mer release a beautiful new book authored by Sylvia Earle titled BLUE HOPE: Exploring and Caring for Earth’s Magnificent Ocean. With a strong focus on the importance of the sea, BLUE HOPE weaves Dr. Earle’s insights about the ocean among those of other advocates including Bill Clinton and actress Daryl Hannah with exquisite photographs of coral reefs, beaches, other ocean habitats and close-ups of marine life. The fusion of these revelations with stunning images is sure to inspire readers to appreciate the beauty, value and vulnerability of the sea.

Throughout her 60-year career as an oceanographer and ocean advocate, Dr. Earle has led over 100 expeditions, logged over 7,000 hours underwater and set a record for solo diving to 1,000 meters. As a world leader in ocean research and conservation, Dr. Earle recounts her career highlights in the book in a way that demonstrates her passion for saving the ocean and all of the life it supports – including our own. The other advocates featured in the book lend their compelling perspectives on why the ocean is important to them as well.

Distributed by Random House, Inc., BLUE HOPE features 200 color photographs and eight maps organized throughout the seven chapters of the book, which include “Why the Ocean Matters,” “The Ocean is Alive” and “Caring for the Ocean.” Each chapter begins with an inspiring quote from Dr. Earle and an essay about her experiences as a scientist and advocate for protecting marine life. The epilogue highlights Dr. Earle’s current initiative – her “Mission Blue” – to protect a global network of Hope Spots, Earth’s most vital marine ecosystems.

As an Explorer-in-Residence, Sylvia Earle has worked in collaboration with the National Geographic Society for over 16 years. La Mer, a renowned luxury skincare brand, supports ocean conservation through its Blue Heart initiative and its collaboration with National Geographic. Thanks to their combined support, BLUE HOPE will inspire ocean conservation among a diverse audience by sharing Dr. Earle’s passionate message: Life depends on the ocean, and to save it we must love it.

You can find BLUE HOPE online at the Mission Blue online shop.

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  • mari says:

    Is there a way I can read the book for free? I was once a NG subscriber, and I love Sylvia Earle’s way of persuading people to see the point. This time I cannot afford the book.

  • Pete says:

    Sylvia’s unrelenting drive to protect our planet is inspirational. Having lived in FL for 30+ years, examples of environmental degradation are everywhere-aquatic and terrestrial. Sylvia has inspired me to take a more active approach rather than just complaining. Thanks Sylvia.

  • Genie King says:

    Thank you Sylvia for every minute of your Presence as a mirror and voice for all life that is our Ocean mother. Mission Blue is brilliant and beautiful. I have never heard of you until tonight and I will speak about you and your purpose, your work, and your message forever. I have a healing arts center and I will have your book out for all to read and witness. You are blessing to us all, thank you again.

  • Raul Roa says:

    Just watched the movie and being an amateur naturalist and lover of all that is nature, it saddened me a lot but it also gave me hope that if we all act now, we can still save our oceans. It is imperative that not only those adults be reached, but also children because they are the future and if we can grab their attention, they can continue the work that is being done today. All school age children should have this movie available to them along with many more educational programs about the oceans.

  • Mary Beth Ring says:

    What a Wonderful Documentary and a wake up call to the world. Absolutely loved this and will help in anyway I can to make this issue more aware to the people around me and the help anyway I can!!! Thank you Sylvia for all of your dedication to this problem!

  • Kris Steele says:

    I fear for this planet and hope I can have an influence also on people regarding their awakening to the realities of what we are doing here. The facts that are all around us everyday, we just need to understand a new way of thinking. Thank God for Sylvia’s work! Thank God for anyone who tries to help. I truly pray this book of her’s reaches millions and we face the music before it is to late.

  • Sonia Singh says:

    I just watched Mission Blue on Netflix, and WOW. Sylvia’s work is astonishing, and her passion unmatched. I’ve had the privilege of SCUBA diving the Great Barrier Reef last year, and even that one experience was life changing. We all must do our part to protect our oceans, and we’ve got to act quickly. Thank you for bringing attention to things that get too easy brushed aside. Looking forward to picking up the new book soon.

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