December 19, 2016

Shari Sant Plummer, Dr. Sylvia Earle and Dr. James Ketchum encounter shark finning in Cabo Pulmo Marine Park in 2016.

To:  Fred Smith, CEO, FedEx <>
CC: Carmine Echols, Assistant to the CEO <>
CC: Melissa Charbonneau, Director of Communications, FedEx <>
CC: David Cunningham, President, FedEx Asia Pacific <>

3875 Airways, Module H3
Department 4634
Memphis, TN38116

Dear Mr. Smith,

We are writing to inform you that we can no longer patronize FedEx, as we have done exclusively for the last 5 years, due to FedEx’s unfortunate policy that allows for the shipment of shark fins. As you may know, shark populations have been drastically depleted worldwide due to the legal and illegal shark fin trade. We believe that each individual and organization on the planet has a responsibility to do whatever is in their power to end this barbaric and senseless killing of one of the most ancient animals on Earth.

Like UPS, we share concerns about the enforcement capabilities of the authorities and potential inaccuracy of visual inspection used by experts as part of the certification process of CITES, which is an international agreement between governments to ensure trade of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. Since the potential for misidentification presents an unacceptable business condition for UPS, how then can FedEx ensure that it is not breaking the law?

As the CEO of FedEx, you have more power than most to make a difference. We encourage you to update your shipment policies to reflect those of your competitors (such as UPS and DHL) to ensure that FedEx does not ship shark fins. We owe it to future generations to do everything in our power to prevent the ongoing, widespread killing of these majestic creatures. The world is watching. We sincerely hope you’ll make the right decision.


Dr. Sylvia Earle and the Mission Blue Team


40 thoughts on “Letter to FedEx: Stop Shipping Shark Fins!

  1. This should be an obvious and comparatively easier problem to solve. Don’t support this illegal industry. You wouldn’t ship illicit substances or other illegal items. Do NOT make an exception for shark fins.

  2. Come on FedEx ! You can do a difference ! I am only a small customer of yours but there are many small customers like me and I am going to stop using your services till you ban shark fins shipping !

  3. Dear Mr. Smith,
    I would kindly like to send you a letter. It start’s with:

    A connected world is a more sustainable and prosperous world
    Every day FedEx pilots span continents, our drivers criss-cross countries, package handlers sort millions of shipments, and customer service reps answer thousands of calls. Each one of our more than 340,000 team members takes responsibility for not only moving the goods and resources that fuel global commerce, but also for helping make the world a better place to live — now and in the future.

    And it ends with:
    As the Roman statesman and philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said: “The universe is change.” We couldn’t agree more.

    The letter is signed by
    Frederick W. Smith
    FedEx Corporation,
    Chairman and CEO

    I hope that it is not only written for the annual report.

  4. Come on Where are your morals? What kind of company are you? Do these parcels really make a difference to your business? I would imagine if you stopped delivering shark fin and made a point to shout out about it you would gain more business out of pure respect for what right and wrong! Do what is right and stop this type of deliveries and lead by example!

  5. Sharks and dolphins are vital for the oceans and it’s healthy balance. Please stop shipping of shark’s fins and cetaceans. Thank you

  6. Please stop contributing to the demise of our oceans. Stop shipping shark fins. They are vital in maintaining the delicate balance in the oceans.

  7. I will make every effort to avoid using fedex until they stop allowing shipments of shark fins and anything else bad.

  8. Stop this barbaric practise by shipping the parts!!
    Help those animals who are cruel slaughtered and left to die!!!
    Fed Ex this is not worth making money off…..

  9. This should be stopped all round the world! What humans do to animals is disgusting and we should be shamed!! And people need to see what we are doing to the planet, by the time I have grandchildren most animals will be gone for ever! And if I can help it, it won’t happen!!! Spread the word!!

  10. Thank you Sylvia.
    I urge you FedEx to stop allowing the shipment of shark fins. Every step helps. Sharks are crucial to the survival of our oceans and ourselves. Do this for future generations.

  11. Please help stop these people who have no conscience & are ignorant before they destroy the ecosystem & leave nothing behind for our children to see in future.

    Thank You!

  12. Sharks are top predators and are needed for healthy ocean ecosystems. Please protect our planet’s remaining biological diversity. Do not support people who are willing to destroy it by shipping shark fins.

  13. Mr. Smith,
    Fed Ex should demonstrate environmental and wildlife responsibility by joining UPS and over 30 airlines by divesting yourselves of shark fin shipments. Sharks are threatened worldwide largely due to the uncontrolled trade of an unsustainable product. Shark Stewards would be happy to sit down with your staff and share more information on trade and species threatened.

    A petition with over 300,000 signatures urges you to stop this harmful trade.

    David McGuire, Director
    Shark Stewards

  14. You have an obligation to help with marine conservation, as we all do, and this is your chance. Please stop shipping shark fins. If we remove one link in the chain it will make this trade more difficult.

  15. Stop shipping shark products! As a facilitator of the shark product trade, FedEx is contributing to the global decline of shark populations.

  16. Stop this cruel and barbaric practise. This planet and all life is precious and should be treated with respect and protected

  17. It’s as simple as this no sharks…eventually means an unhealthy ocean which eventually means no air to breathe. Shipping shark fin is as serious as shipping endangered species parts and you can make a significant impact by refusing.

  18. Please help to build up our ecosystems, instead of destroy them; so that we may all enjoy them long after you all are gone.

  19. I find that u ship shark fins is morally wrong . I assume that the money is much more important then then wasteful death of a shark , the life of the planet is at stake .I personally I will never use your company again

  20. Please don’t contribute to the environmental collapse of our oceans or endorse this cruel practice by shipping shark’s fins.

  21. Our whole environment is at risk, please don’t expedite it’s loss by shipping shark fins or other endangered animal body parts!

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